May 19, 2023

Progressive Challenge to Joe Biden Takes Shape; But Biden-Clinton Faction Wants Coronation

RFK-Williamson-Kucinich Allies Right on Issues


Madison, Wisconsin — Big Pharma, the insurance industry, the military-industrial complex and other gigantic moneyed interests have made their choices for the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. It's Joe Biden.

Perceived meddling by little folk such as the American people is in bad political form.

So say Democrat mouthpieces and stooges in corporate media. 

They assure us there are no Democrat presidential challengers, despite the candidacies of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, and even if candidacies exist, well, — Democrats Party bosses know better.

Democrats despise RFK. Jr., for example, for his heretical statements that Big Pharma misleads, lies and cheats at the expense of American families.

For most rational people, Big Pharma crimes are axiomatic; for Democrats such criticism amounts to politcal heresy.

This week, RFK Jr.'s campaign announced the appointment of Dennis Kucinich, former mayor of Cleveland and an ex-congressman who knows, roughly speaking, how indescribably full of shit the current Democrat Party really is.

I am delighted to announce @Dennis_Kucinich as the manager of my Presidential campaign. A former 8-term member of Congress, he has been both an icon of progressive politics and an iconoclastic, game-changing force within progressive politics. #Kennedy24

On family and value issues from healthcare to student loans to mass surveillance to galloping fascism of government intelligence traitors, Robert F. Kennedy Jr is on the right side of most every major issue, while daily exposing Biden and the Democrats for the liars and schemers most people know Democrats to be.

Don't look for a series of debates among the Democrats candidates for the nomination of the president of the Untied States.

No matter that some "70 percent of Americans think Biden should not seek a second term — including 51 percent of Democrats."

Democrats have issued their orders: Nomination of Joe Biden. Your job is respectful silence or polite applause.

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