Oct 20, 2022

Halloween Killer Victim's Mother — Wisc Atty Gen Joshua Kaul 'Not There for Me,' 'Doesn't Care,' 'No Help'

A view of Amory Street near Rose Avenue in Fond du Lac,
Wisconsin Saturday November 4, 2017. Lisa Ann French
disappeared from this area on Halloween in 1973. Her body
was discovered a short time later on McCabe Road, northeast
of Fond du Lac. The French family fights to keep the killer
safely away from the community year after year.
Doug Raflik/USA Today Network-Wisconsin
Democrat Attorney General Joshua Kaul Should Be Booted from Office

"You want some help to find out what's going on, and he (Joshua Kaul) doesn't help. He don't care about the victims."
 — Mother of victim of Halloween killer


Madison, Wisconsin — "People in Fond du Lac and around the state still recall how the little trick-or-treater's brutal death changed forever how they think about Halloween," reads the Fond du Lac Reporter in 2017.

The story is about the nine-year-old murder-molestation victim's Mother and her family's struggle to protect their community and achieve some manner of peace.

The Halloween killer of 1973 lives forever in the Fox River Valley.

I grew up in Fond du Lac, Fondy, and it still gives me pleasure to think of Bob's Pizza, Joe's Fox Hut, many friends and the word, Proust.

But there is another side to Fond du Lac, the Halloween Killer of 1973. Craven politicians like Attorney General Joshua Kaul, who could not care less about victims and their lifelong fight for justice.

As the killer Gerald Turner was almost released, Attorney General Kaul failed the Mother of Lisa French, as reference in a TV spot, while Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney provided support and effective advocacy.

Kaul is the Democrat creation of Clintonite Democrats who view crime victims and the wrongfully convicted as little people who do not count except as pawns in Democrats' repulsive quest for power.

Now, Kaul is drawing justifiable anger for his despicable blowing off the Mother of the nine-year-old girl killed and molested by Gerald Turner.

The Mother in return is the object of Democrat social media trolls for whom people, whether they be Mothers of crime victims or the wrongfully convicted, do not exist for Wisconsin's Democrat Attorney General and friends.

The trolls brand anyone criticizing Kaul as "unhinged," while neglecting even one word of support for Ms. French.

Democrats are the worst, if it were in my power, I would vote them all out of office.

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