Mar 7, 2020

Joe Biden Has Incipient Dementia — Media, Dems Ignore His Condition; Republicans Will Not

Joe Biden - A shadow of himself
Joe Biden often drifts into incoherence on the 2020 campaign trail, emitting non sequiturs, misstatement and incoherence, including the name of the very office he seeks.

The corporate media falsely reports this Biden phenomenon as "gaffe" or a stutter. This is a lie.

For example, during the South Carolina primary campaign in February, Biden announced, "My name's Joe Biden. I'm a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over. If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden," (Wulfsohn, Fox News).

Everyone misspeaks.

But not like this, and not a seasoned D.C. insider like Biden.

In public, Biden forgot Barack Obama's name; forgot Bernie Sanders' name.

Joe Biden has incipient dementia.

The rightwing media is salivating over the prospect that the Democratic Party and its propaganda organs may yet deliver Biden to the general election match-up.

Honest journalists are sounding the alarm.

Caitlin Johnstone at Consortium News has a feature piece out this weekend, composed of 38 video exhibits demonstrating Joe Biden's cognitive decline.

It's not funny. Joe Biden deserves our empathy and the best of his guaranteed healthcare that he would deny most Americans, and the security Biden wishes to deny our seniors.

Dementia is scary for the person who endures this tragedy.

Biden is frightened and angry, as caught on video in Iowa.

Concludes Johnstone:

I hate doing this. I hate repeatedly writing about the obvious and undeniable fact that an old man is exhibiting obvious and undeniable symptoms of incipient dementia. It isn’t fun, and it doesn’t feel good. But the alternative is down and allowing the Democratic party and its allied media to gaslight people into believing it’s not a thing, as they are doing currently. ...

Joe Biden is Jeb Bush plus dementia. Trump will be far less charitable with his symptoms than I am here, and if he’s nominated the president will make certain this story dominates news headlines from the convention until November. Anyone who wants Trump out of office should fiercely oppose Biden’s nomination.

Whatever your political persuasion, now is not the time for cover-up of Joe Biden's condition.

Below is a recent video of Biden disrespecting an Iraq war veteran at a campaign event in Oakland on March 3, before angrily fleeing the encounter.

Biden wrongly insinuated that his own son died in the war.

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