Jun 15, 2019

Rallies in Philly, London and Manitowoc Cap Innocence Weekend for Wrongfully Convicted

UK supporter of Steven Avery and Brandan Dassey take to
the streets to demand justice for the wrongfully convicted
in London on Saturday. The naked display of corruption
in Wisocnsin law enforcement has led angry demands
from across the world to see the innocent set free.

Updated all day.

Signs reading "I am an innocent man," and "We Stand for Innocence" are to found in London, Philadelphia and Manitowoc, Wisconsin today and tonight.

A rally is scheduled for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey at the Manitowoc County Courthouse on June 15, 2019 from 11 am to 3 pm today.

In Philadelphia on Rittenhouse Square, ralliers are working to bring awareness to judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, and the wrongfully convicted Steven Avery of Wisconsin, Brendan Dassey of Wisconsin, and Freddy Augello of New Jersey. For more information on the Augello shocking injustice, see Freddy Augello in Facebook.

Some supporters are traveling to Manitowoc from Australia.

Do fellow human beings really merit the effort and energy involved in flying overseas?

Among those for whom life is a phenomenon occurring on her watch, the answer is, yes.

This affirmative determination is the margin of survival for the many victims of American law enforcement, a state movement that has become a significant political force working for the lunatic in the White House.

Come on media, you have to report on this rally. @FoxNews @ABC @CNN @piersmorgan @AKellerLawCrime @JButing @SDrizin @LauraNirider @kirstiealley @rickygervais #WakeUpWisconsin #WeHearYouSteven
Updates coming.

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