Feb 1, 2019

Wisconsin's New AG, Josh Kaul, Shows Colors in Delaying Wrongful Conviction Litigation

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) proves
himself as corrupt and hypocritical as his drunken,
late mother in protecting wrongful convictions in
Steven Avery's current post-conviction litigation.

'Very Disappointing Response by Wisconsin Attorney General'

Update: Steven Avery's post-conviction attorneys file a reply brief in state appellate court.
Madison, Wisconsin — A sub-culture of people who believe it's wrong to convict and imprison innocents were waiting for the new Wisconsin attorney general to weigh in on a new motion in Steven Avery's post-conviction litigation featured in the Making a Murderer docuseries.

The news was delivered yesterday.

Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) disappointed, continuing his predecessor Brad Schimel's knee-jerk and corrupt reaction against any post-conviction motions that shine light on this miscarriage of justice.

Kaul proved anew Wisconsin Democrats are as complicit as Republicans in defending wrongful convictions, deflating hopes the Wisconsin police-prosecutor state is under serious challenge by reformists.

Post-conviction attorney Kathleen Zellner— who represents the wrongfully convicted Steven Avery featured in the Making a Murderer docuseries— filed an explosive motion Jan 24, 2019 seeking a hearing because the Calumet County Sheriff's Office secretly transferred evidence of a murder victim, Teresa Halbach, to private custody in 2011, in clear violation of state statutes that govern preservation of physical evidence collected, subject to criminal investigations.

But Kaul is just another corrupt prosecutor who believes defending the indefensible must prevail over truth and justice for the innocent, lest the local police states such as Manitowoc and Calumet counties are exposed as corrupt and criminal.

Kaul's brand of politics goes back a long time. Make no mistake, what Kaul is doing is calculated politics, and not procedural just-doing-my-job fare.

Kaul disingenuously argued that Avery in seeking relief is delaying the litigation (Appleton Post Crescent).

Unfortunately, for the cause of justice, the state appellate court hearing this post-conviction litigation is full of the same type of corrupt, hypocritical jurists as Kaul who think protecting the reputation of Wisconsin law enforcement means imprisoning the innocent.

Wisconsin Democrats often make their political bones by persecuting and imprisoning as many people as possible, preferably black and brown people, then present themselves to the public as progressive prosecutors, ala Kamala Harris, Democratic presidential candidate who has been courting Hillary Clinton donors since 2017 for her prosecutors are-for-us run.

What's particularly galling here is Kaul's mother, Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager (2003-07), did precisely the same thing with the police crusade against Avery, covering for the first wrongful conviction against Avery, and enabling later frame-ups against Avery.

Lautenschlager subsequently raced around the state to highlight drug prosecutions, until she was pulled over by the Dodge County Sheriff Dept in 2004 for drunken driving, which she tried to minimize. Lautenschlager was a good person. I knew her. She was also a flaming hypocrite.

With respect to Steven Avery, I guess if lynching is a family affair, that makes it okay, to Kaul's way of thinking.

Kaul's action is provoking derision on social media, and rightfully so:

We in Wisconsin expected better.

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