Aug 8, 2017

Price Tag of Foxconn in Wisconsin Brings Magic-Bean Economics Charge

Marcia Connor of Sun Prairie tells Gov. Scott Walker
that if he really has an extra $3 billion, then she wants
a lakehouse in the north woods, (Wisconsin State Journal).
Madison, Wisconsin — Gov. Scott Walker will do anything to make Wisconsin forget about his failed 250,000-new-jobs promise.

Now comes Walker's once-in-a-lifetime-and-if-you-act-now Foxconn jobs promise. And it costs Wisconsin only $3 billion and its clean water.

Marcia Connor of Sun Prairie in south-central Wisconsin voices the sentiment of many who think Walker's new scheme is a scam.

The $3 billion Walker is offering Foxconn stimulates the imagination for tangible economic activity. Ms. Connor's ideas deserve a hearing.

Writes Connor is a recent letter to the editor, "Will governor subsidize my lake house?"

How much money will Gov. Scott Walker have the taxpayers of Wisconsin give to Foxconn to install its company here? The State Journal has reported $3 billion over 15 years.

I am frustrated with subsidizing companies that are capable of covering their own costs. If they are not able to pay for their own buildings and any other costs related to building here, then they shouldn't be expanding.

I would like to have a lake house in the North Woods. Can Gov. Walker subsidize that for me? It will give people jobs to build the lake house.

Gov. Walker promised Wisconsin residents 250,000 jobs when he initially ran for governor in 2010. To date, seven years later, he still has not reached that goal. He is planning on running for a third term and would like to have Foxconn on his resume.

Like many families, Mal Contends would not a mind a new swimming pool in our backyard along with Connor's proposed lake house.

With Connor's new house, we would appreciate Scott Walker subsidizing a new pool for us with the understanding that we don't necessarily want local workers to do the job, are free to pollute, not pay taxes, and have no legal obligations burdening the regular folk.
Phil Hands of the Wisconsin State Journal has a cartoon out today mocking Walker and Foxconn's empty and exorbitant promises made at the expense of the Wisconsin people.

Walker's audacious Fox Con may be up.
- Work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.

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