Aug 9, 2017

Foxconn Boondoggle in Wisconsin Is All-about Scott Walker

Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau releases analysis on
Foxconn boondoggle, an audacious Scott Walker scam 
that Walker bets he can spring on a lazy Wisconsin public in
the August dog days, (Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau).

Foxconn is fiscal and economic plutonium 

Madison, Wisconsin — The Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau released an estimate on the costs and potential benefits of the Foxconn scheme.

See Jake's Economic TA Funhouse for an analysis, but in sum and to extrapolate, Wisconsin would be better off dropping increments of the $3 billion in cash from the sky every month for 25 years, if we could first get a promise the found money would be spent in the state.

Put another way, if Walker and the Wisconsin legislature really have $3 billion in public money to burn, then Marcia Connor of Sun Prairie in south-central Wisconsin proposes the state subsidize the construction of her new lake house in the north woods, with the understanding Connor would use local contractors, (Wisconsin State Journal).

The Fox Con is blown; see Foxconn or Fox Con, and Say No to the Fox Con for updates.

Metaphors fail to describe this Foxconn boondoggle pushed by the petulant child in the Wisconsin governor's office, running for reelection in 2018. [One of the problems with Gov. Scott Walker (R) is he is still an Iowa Christian Evangelical steeped in fundamentalist malignancy that targets real families, (an enterprise that used to be directed solely at black folks living in Milwaukee), and the things we take for granted in Wisconsin such as water, the University System, public education, democracy, tourism and recreation.]

Foxconn as fiscal and economic plutonium works as a metaphor. This scheme is deadly to economic development, fiscal health of the state, and the ability of local governments to protect their communities from corporate bad actors.

The economic and environmental scale and impact of Foxconn is immense.

But Walker in his Evangelical certainty knows Foxconn is what Jesus wants for Wisconsin, until the corporation is 'called' away.

Next year Scott Walker's reelection bid will be focused on how Gov. Jobs Failure is going all-out for working families.

From a strictly political perspective, many working-class white folks in southeastern Wisconsin are stupid and will believe most anything. Walker knows this.

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