Apr 24, 2017

Use the F-word, Morons

George Grosz, Rosenwald Collection; 1951.10.299;
National Gallery of Art
Updated - The collection of American ding-bats who voted the fascistic, anti-Semitic, white-nationalist, anti-immigrant Donald Trump into the presidency won't have a problem with Trump's backing the fascistic, anti-Semitic, white-nationalist, anti-immigrant Marine Le Pen of France.

Juan Cole notes this is the first time in American history a U.S. president backs a fascist France.

Last week, Trump said, "Le Pen is 'strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France,'" (The Politico).

Have not to this point heard anyone in the don't-offend Democratic Party note Donald Trump is a fascist.

Or that Le Pen is a fascist. Or even the most-mild offering of a political valuation that fascism is anti-human.

From this morning's New York Times on the fascist National Front and Marine Le Pen:

The rapid-fire endorsements of Mr. Macron [against Le Pen], coming from across the political spectrum, represented a dynamic that has always prevailed in France when the National Front approaches executive power — the cross-party, anti-far right alliance the French call the 'Republican Front.' The question now is whether that front can hold this time, as well.

Ms. Le Pen has oriented her appeal around what analysts and politicians call the 'un-demonization' of her party — the shedding of its racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi-nostalgic roots. That strategy has scored big results. Until the last week of the campaign, when she turned even more sharply anti-immigrant, her speeches were shaped around what she depicted as regaining France’s 'sovereignty,' breaking with the European Union and “restoring” France’s frontiers.

The two largest parties in American political culture do not comprise a 'Republican Front' guarding democracy. Fascism as a word is a political imprecation in the United States, now.

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