Apr 15, 2017

Golfing Resort Prospects Soar after Clean Water Legal Victory in Central Wisconsin

Sand Valley Golf Resort in central Wisconsin opens May 2, 2017

Rebirth and golf lovefest at bottom of an ancient glacial lake

If Frank Lloyd Wright and environmentalists collaborated on designing an all-public golf course they might have drawn the Sand Valley Golf Resort crafted with the landscape of an ancient glacial lake in the central Wisconsin Golden Sands region.

As it happened, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw did the honors and Sand Valley is set to open May 2 with the energetic promotion from virtually an entire region of clean water activists, environmentalists, rural communities, small business interests and of course golf enthusiasts.

Notes Sand Valley's Resort site:

Sand Valley is a place where massive, exposed sand dunes tower above you, where players walk, and where the fescue turf will play firm and fast. Situated on over 1,700 acres of massive, tumbling sand dunes and unique heathland vegetation, Sand Valley will bring the drama and playing style of a seaside links to the heartland of America. ...

The site for the resort currently sits on what was once the lakebed of an ancient glacial lake. In roughly 16,000BC the ice dam protecting the glacial lake burst, causing a catastrophic flood event that emptied the entire 150 feet'-deep lake in just two days, creating what is now the Wisconsin Dells. The sandy lakebed where our site now sits became exposed and over time blew into the 60-feet high dunes and valleys now seen today.

Reports Caitlin Shudain in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune:

ROME, WISCONSIN - A row of trees lines the horizon that blends into green grass and hills of sand in Rome, Wisconsin. The scene continues in every direction, interrupted only by resort buildings where golfers will stand to take in the view.

On May 1, community members will get their first opportunity to visit Sand Valley Golf Resort before it officially opens to the public May 2. The resort is the largest in central Wisconsin and is part of a push to make Adams County and the south Wood County area a tourist destination.

Glen Murray, general manager at Sand Valley called the resort a rebirth for tourism. He said the area was already attractive as a recreational mecca, and through Sand Valley, visitors will come for golf and find other reasons to stay.

A picture of Sand Valley is featured on the cover of the Wisconsin Rapids Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s, (CVB), 2017 Wisconsin Rapids Area Official Visitors Guide. Executive Director Laura Nelson said the CVB is working closely with Sand Valley, Rome and Wisconsin Rapids to encourage visitors to spend their extra time 13 miles north in Wisconsin Rapids, rather than traveling 42 miles south to Wisconsin Dells.

Shudain's piece in the Rapids Daily Tribune was run days before news broke that the main threat to the Sand Valley project, a proposed mammoth dairy factory, was dealt a legal defeat by the town of Saratoga located a few miles north of the resort. So, prospects are looking bright for Sand Valley.

Glacial Lake Wisconsin is now the site of a stunning golf
resort in central Wisconsin. The resort opens May 2, 2017
The legal victory for clean water activists, residents, communities, and recreation and tourism promoters comes in mid-April as a long and prosperous summer now beckons for the golden sands of Wisconsin.
The Golden Sands of Wisconsin is a geological region of some 13,000 square miles of sandstone.

Some 17,000 years ago, the Golden Sands region housed a mammoth ancient lake, the Ancient Glacial Lake Wisconsin.

The glaciers receded and left huge deposits of sand.

This world-class golf resort, Sand Valley, (Lawder, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune), sited along the bottom of Glacial Lake Wisconsin, is a can't miss recreational and tourism project.

Golf resort designer Mike Keiser said the project from inception has been a "lovefest," judged by the reception from residents of central Wisconsin.

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