Apr 18, 2017

Clean Water Activist Helped Stop Illinois Ag Factory, Hails Central Wisconsin

Saratoga Wisconsin November 2016 update points to disaster
if Wysocki CAFO begins operation.
The Town Board of Saratoga, Wisconsin is meeting April 19th to take stock of the legal effort to stop a predator, a would-be corporate polluter.

A Saratoga legal victory in state appellate court over a proposed massive factory farm in central Wisconsin stops for now a disaster that would devastate an entire region, (Golden Sands Dairy LLC v. Town of Saratoga, (Wisconsin Court System)), (Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune), (Mal Contends), (WSAW-TV).

The Wysocki corporation has until May 13 to file an appeal with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Susan Turner worked with an Illinois non-profit to stop a similar propsoed ag factory and works with Helping Others Maintain Environmental Standards (H.O.M.E.S.) now in Iowa.

Turner offered congratulations to Saratoga with the cooperate predator looming:

Dear Board Members of the Town of Saratoga, Wisconsin,

My heart is overwhelmed with joy for you and your citizens. Your action, and the choices that you made, are a reflection of the love that you have for your town and it's neighbors. This is becoming a rare thing in our world.

Legal mechanisms are like war, and need to begin immediately, like a military holding action, to protect the public at large.

I speak from my past experience and do not want to make this about my story. I can briefly state that we were the only group to stop a mega dairy after it was 60% constructed, dismantled, and returned the land to corn production. We did this with a 5-year court process and with state and federal government agency. Please visit stopthemegadairy.org for timelines and story.

The citizens had to form a 501c-3 called Helping Others Maintain Environmental Standards (H.O.M.E.S.) to fight the corporate monster because our town board treated this as a non issue.

We actually had to fight our town board to fight the mega dairy as they formed ordinances to silence us.

The town became torn apart as people fled the area as their homes would have a negative number for a property value, had heart attacks, or fought along side or against our 501c-3. They blamed our view of environmental protection for the social strife that occurred. The locals were not equipped to fight. Even though we were rid of the mega dairy, the people left harassed are those who fought for their air and water. I had to move.

Your town has grown together because of the fight. Your beautiful town is more valuable now because of the Board's quick action and commitment to finishing what was started. That equals property value as far as I'm concerned.  Young couples looking to invest in their first home will value the excellent work of the town of Saratoga protecting their community.

Who wouldn't want to move to a place were the quality of life is being preserved with great sacrifice and commitment? What a great example your board is making for all to witness!

That translates into property value.

Your beautiful community and it's people are awesome.  It is an honor to know of your hard work and efforts.

Most sincerely,

Susan Turner
Dubuque, Iowa

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