Jan 17, 2017

Opposing Trump Is Easy, Fun and Critical

Your brain is under attack. Defense is easy: Use your brain.
Canvassing black and brown sectors in segregated Wisconsin, one walks away with an inescapable conclusion: Few folks are organized, many are apolitical, and most appear hopeless about the electoral system.

As Noam Chomsky has often noted, most people believe "government is made up of a few big interests looking out for themselves and not for the people," (ChomskyInfo).

This well-founded belief is entrenched in segregated neighborhoods as well as more affluent white sectors.

In minority neighborhoods, the most visible and malicious manifestation of the state is typically the local police force—dangerous collections of amped-up wannabes exhibiting police-state phantasms, (Gin and Tacos). It takes a certain misanthropic personality to hurt someone.

Donald Trump will make things worse. From the national to the local governments come malice, conditions that likely in themselves do not lend to politicization.

There is no excuse not to oppose Donald Trump. Try Googling 'how to oppose Trump'.

Forget praying, try organizing; better yet attempt to think.

"They thunder forth from their clouds about gentleness and
forbearance, while they sacrifice human victims to the God of love,"
George Grosz (Rosenwald Collection; 1951.10.299;
National Gallery of Art)

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