Jan 9, 2017

Judge Posner Rips Milwaukee County Killer Cops

James Franklin Perry - Killed by Milwaukee
police in 2010. Perry is a human being, not
an "animal."

Human Decency v. 'Beyond Stupid' Milwaukee Killer Cops;
Federal Civil Rights Case on Cops Calling Black Man an "Animal" Before Watching Him Die in Custody

"Do you understand? Do you understand? ... Don't you understand?" Judge Richard Posner was offended by a fool, the 'defecating on himself is not unusual' Susan Lappen of the Milwaukee City Attorney's office, defending the 2010 death of a human being, James Franklin Perry, in the custody of indecent police.

Updated - How do people get to the point where they willfully inflict injury and trauma onto another, to the point of death?

One journey for this type of human garbage ends in a supportive institution, the Milwaukee cops—racist, brutal thugs. Human malignancy has a home in the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office and the city of Milwaukee Police.

If you live in Milwaukee County, you can become a cop and kill a black man with no accountability, reveling in the sick satisfaction cops take in these pursuits, (Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Republicans and other assorted racists on the bench such as the late Rudolph Randa will back you up.

James Franklin Perry died in police custody in Milwaukee in 2010. Bet the cops enjoyed a nice laugh, though their cheer may have been cut short as Mr. Perry's control over his body ceased when he suffered the fatal epileptic attack, documented in the hospital from which he was being transferred.

The estate of James Franklin Perry is suing the city and county of Milwaukee.

The case is Estate of James Franklin Perry v. Cheryl Wenzel, (16-2353).

Reports Bruce Vielmetti:

Federal appeals judges tore into Milwaukee police handling of a prisoner who died in custody during an epileptic seizure in 2010, during oral argument on an appeal of his family's civil rights case last week.

'I must say, I don't think I've ever seen such bad police work,' said Judge Richard Posner, part of a three-judge panel at the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals hearing the case in Chicago.

It was a rough morning Thursday for the city's attorney, Susan Lappen, who was interrupted repeatedly by Posner and Judge Ann Williams during a session that lasted more than an hour, about double the time normally allotted for oral argument.

The estate of James Franklin Perry, 41, sued city, county and hospital officials in 2012. In May, U.S District Judge Rudolph Randa dismissed all the claims against city and county officials and sanctioned the plaintiff lawyers, saying they pressed their case even after it became clear the county had no liability.

Randa's typically ludicrous edict won't survive appellate scrutiny.

Decency from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

In oral arguments in James Franklin Perry last week, Judge Richard Posner in particular would have nothing of what he called Milwaukee's "ridiculous" arguments offered by Susan Lappen of the Milwaukee City Attorney's office. Lappen has a history of defending indecent conduct by Milwaukee cops.

Posner, clearly appalled by the recounting of Mr. Perry dying and writhing on the floor, called the cops "beyond stupid" in oral arguments, and excoriated the shameless Susan Lappen. Beyond human would have been more apt. Posner called police conduct "grotesque" and "pointless."

All Milwaukee cops involved will be cleared of any wrongdoing.
On a personal note, I admire Richard Posner's powers of logic, and commitment to rigorous empirical investigations in hearing federal litigation. I admire more Posner's decency in hearing Estate of James Franklin Perry v. Cheryl Wenzel, (16-2353). Posner is offended and angry. He should be, we should be. Bear witness.

Listen to oral arguments at the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit from last week.

You'll be sickened, and then inspired by Judges Richard Posner and Ann Williams, and believe it or not by Judge Daniel Anthony Manion.

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