Nov 28, 2016

Trump, Repubs, Racists Eye Voting Restrictions

"My concern is that this might be a signal that we will see an assault on voting rights," Wendy Weiser, the director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, told me today. "Claims of nonexistent voter fraud and noncitizen voting are precisely the kinds of baseless justifications that we’ve seen for the wave of laws in the past couple of years restricting voting access."

Trump’s choice of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general makes this more plausible. As a U.S. attorney in the mid-1980s, Sessions tried to prosecute three civil rights activists for voter fraud, when they were trying to help poor, elderly, and illiterate people to vote. They were acquitted, (Sargent, Washington Post).

Prosecuting voting rights activists as opposed to murdering voting rights activists is not progress to a rational mind.

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