Nov 14, 2016

Trump Boosts Alt-Right with Top-Level WH Picks

Trump fortifies Alt Right alliance in White House

"Time to see how good Mossad really is," writes a veteran Wisconsin politico after the announcement two leading white supremacists have been appointed to two powerful White House posts

Updated - A good start for white supremacists as president-elect Donald Trump announced the appointment of white supremacists to top-level posts, "signaling an embrace of the fringe ideology long advanced by Mr. [Stephen K.] Bannon," an open white supremacist, (NYT).

White House appointees, RNC chair Reince Priebus and Bannon, differ only on style and the Alt-Right and the Republican Party have both long made clear their hostility to America as a pluralistic country with expansive Constitutional liberty guarantees.

Talk of national unification with white supremacists persists in some American political circles

The announcement of the Bannon and Priebus follows by two days the Trump transition team's notice that the Trump White House will enact a "new deal" for African-Americans with a "plan for urban renewal," (CBS News).

News releases and advisories can be found at the Making America Great site.

The "Time to see how good Mossad really is" quote on Facebook making the rounds represents musing and genuine concern that the United States may be entering a period that spells the end of the American democratic experiment.

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