Nov 9, 2016

Progressives Lose to Scared White Supremacists

Bernie Sanders and Adam Dahl in Janesville, Wisconsin in
Spring 2016, fighting the fights that need fighting
Updated - Campaign 2016 is white people being afraid and hateful, and it's an old American story.

On the up side, never have progressives forces been so well-organized and close to an electoral victory.

We're one step away from a smashing victory, if as a whole we get a little more organized, a little more open to appeals of liberty, a little more involved in politics; we're this close.

Fight for inches, prepare for victory.

Organize. Listen to those who warn grassroots organization is lacking.

Notes Alex Emmons: "Donald Trump shocked everyone but his own supporters Tuesday as his racist, xenophobic, authoritarian, climate-science-denying, misogynistic, 'grab-them-by-the-pussy' candidacy somehow carried him to victory," (The Intercept).

This is what happens when you turn away from injustice.

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