Sep 6, 2016

Wrongful Conviction: Penny Brummer Is Innocent and Still in Prison

Don't worry Penny, we'll keep up the edifying debate about how noble Dane County (Wisconsin) police really are amid 'mistakes' like Dane County throwing your life away.

From MC, Jan. 14, 2016

Penny Brummer - Wrongfully Convicted
by bigotry and police tunnel vision
Bigotry, police tunnel vision, police deceit, prosecutorial misconduct and the prison-industrial complex all suggest a criminal justice system gone way, way wrong.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin is one international focal point; Madison, Wisconsin is another.

Penny Brummer was convicted in 1995 for first degree intentional homicide and given a life sentence.

This is Madison, Wisconsin. The question advocates ask: Will a more enlightened community 20 years later give Ms. Brummer a new trial for a prosecution that should never have taken place?

That's really what advocates want because there is no chance in a million Brummer would be convicted today.

Bill Lueders has the story at Isthmus.

Writes Lueders:

Which brings us to Penny Brummer, convicted of the March 1994 murder of Sarah Gonstead, the best friend of Penny’s female ex-lover, after a night of barhopping. The case has all the hallmarks of wrongful conviction: No prior criminal history on Brummer’s part. No physical evidence tying her to the crime. No credible eyewitnesses, and one manifestly non-credible one. 

Which Dane County jurist will come forward and champion justice, and save the life of an innocent woman in the process?

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