Jul 18, 2016

Blacks Did It

A black man affiliated and aligned with other blacks killed three Louisiana cops after the black openly disagreed on social media about the harassment and killing of blacks by cops, the corporate media reports this morning.

Different language used, but corporate coverage over the weekend of the massacre in Louisiana of three cops by Gavin Eugene Long is mindless blather, unburdened by facts.

White supremacists are quick to condemn Black Lives Matter and other assorted darkies, (U.S. Uncut). Can't those unpleasant blacks pipe down and we all come together in silence and prayer, with blacks living in their areas?

Moronic of course. And never think about the tenets behind society, certainly not police.

Others disagree.

"If police departments continue to use tactics that polarize communities against them, then we risk losing that consent and are always just one critical incident from a flashpoint," writes J. Scott Thomson, and Thompson's not even black, (The Marshall Project).

Spent much time in hyper-segregated Milwaukee in 2006-08 in both the black sectors and non-black sectors.

Told friends I thought Milwaukee was a tinderbox then.

Have to revise this hypothesis in light of the limitless capacity of our small urban and suburban societies populated by tame demands sustaining normally functioning institutions that support police-prosecutor states, and the related capacity of black and white and brown liberals to abandon institutional criticism and change, in favor of small police states counting on atomized and unthinking populations.

Stupidity of the American people lives forever in the present tense, and most black folks are just as shit-stupid as white folks in this respect of demanding nothing.

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