May 11, 2016

Sanders Wins WV, Party Commissars Look to Correct Voters at Convention

Bernie Sanders won West Virginia last night as Clinton surrogates on MSNBC stood ready to downplay Sanders' latest victory.

That voters for Bernie Sanders will deny Hillary Clinton the 2,383 pledged delegates to secure the nomination before the convention is a fact blacked-out by the corporate media, especially MSNBC.

Clinton was anointed by the DNC in a rigged primary front-loaded for Clinton by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who advocates the abolition of open primaries, (The Hill, The Washington Examiner,, Bloomberg Politics, U.S. Uncut, Mal Contends).

In service to Clinton, the Democratic Party commissars, aka superdelegates who will cast delegate votes at the convention, are tabulated by the corporate press as already voted and been won by Hillary Clinton. In reality-land, the Democratic National Convention is held July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

The latest Clinton loss to Sanders exposes Clinton's weakness among actual voters, and assuming no deal has been made between allies Clinton and Trump, highlights the weakest potential Democratic Party nominee in recent history as Clinton alienates younger voters, (TruthDig).

There is an explanation for Clinton's weakness.

"There exists nary a war of aggression, a corporate privilege, a privatization of public services or an act against the common good that Mrs. Clinton has factually opposed in her years of public self-service," notes Rob Urie in CounterPunch.

These are inconvenient facts about Hillary Clinton that must be ignored.

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