May 18, 2016

Sanders Is the Clear Choice for President

Citizen cheers Bernie Sanders at Southern California rally
on May 17 2016, (Bernie 2106).
"Well, let me be as clear as I can be. We are in till the last ballot is cast," said Bernie Sanders last night after another victory in Oregon, (Kaplan, NYT).

Millions are with Bernie Sanders.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not of them.

Wasserman Schultz rigged the Democratic Primary race for Hillary Clinton, and has called for the elimination of open primaries, (Mal Contends).

Americans casting their votes under the impression that one vote equals one vote are mistaken.

Superdelegates, or Party commissars, decide the nominee, and that's the way Clinton and Wasserman Schultz want it.

Sanders blasted the DNC for its anti-democratic stance last night.

"In the year since he launched a long-shot campaign, Sanders has taken on the Democratic Party establishment and won more than 45 percent of the pledged delegates to this July’s Democratic National Convention."

Speaking to his supporters in Southern California, Sanders had a blunt message for top party officials."

'I say to the leadership of the Democratic Party: Open the doors. Let the people in. The other option for the Democratic Party, a sad and tragic option, is to maintain its status quo structure and be a party with limited participation and limited energy,' said Sanders, (Bernie 2106).

Wisconsin has seen the consequences of option two.

Sanders is much better on the issues. And better on the democratic process, a significant feature of American elections to many. Clinton and Wasserman Schultz are awful.

If Clinton thinks Bernie Sanders supporters will stand with her in the event of a Clinton victory at the July convention, she's as crazy as Wasserman Schultz.

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