Apr 16, 2016

Study: Wisconsin Trout Streams, Lakes, Rivers, Grounwater Being Sucked Dry by Big Ag

Those factory farms you smell on rural Wisconsin highways.

The stench is the best part.

Big agricultural interests are killing Wisconsin surface waters and aquifers with toxins, and the withdrawal of massive amounts of water by high capacity wells drawing over 100,000 gallons of fresh water per day are sucking Wisconsin dry, a new scientific study concludes.

A one-two punch to Wisconsin residents.

Lee Bergquist in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the story:

The results of the state-funded research may also provide clues on how large-scale groundwater withdrawals are impacting streams, rivers and lakes elsewhere, according to scientists.

Groundwater issues have become increasingly contentious in Wisconsin, especially in the 1.75 million acre Central Sands region — home to a large potato and vegetable growing industry. 

Of course. Bergquist is reporting on major scientific research of water depletion. As the study pertains to Big Ag polluters and its Republican protectors, the political culture in Wisconsin is: Tell it to someone who cares.

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