Apr 9, 2016

Big Ag Targets Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa

Manure and pathogens vectored into Wisconsin's environment by Big Ag to
tragic consequences, as state Republicans take the polluters' side
As she has done countless times, State Senator Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point), listened to her constituents' concerns last week about the depletion and poisoning of water by the vile industrialized agriculture, (WSAW-TV), (Anderson, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin).

As Scott Walker plays the outside, and State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) plays the inside, Wisconsin Republicans protect the polluters, Big Ag.

Krug's role is particularly odious as his mendacity apparently knows no bounds, and his own constituents' health, and economic well-being are suffering grievously.

Now, Big Ag is targeting Sen. Lassa.

Lassa grew up on a small dairy farm in Portage County where "her parents taught her the important of hard work, the value of a dollar, and that honesty and integrity are everything," as she notes in her biography.

Here's a report from Wood County:

By Rhonda Cain-Carrell

While Senator Lassa participated in a Groundwater Listening Session in Saratoga, the Wysocki's were busy at the Stevens Point Country Club plotting her demise as our Senator. In one night, HOSTING and contributing $1,000 per plate as PLATINUM DONORS to the man they are running against one of very few legislators brave enough to stick their neck out for Wisconsin's water.

Please support Senator Lassa in the upcoming election.

Wysockis are working to get Patrick Testin in Lassa's seat.

$17,000 in donations from their family and very close business contacts JUST at last night's event:

Bob & Mary Berard ($2,000) - Paramount Farms recently purchased by Wysocki Companies, massive polluter
Paul & Dawn Roberts ($2,000) - Roberts Irrigation (reportedly the company that would sell irrigation systems for proposed CAFO/cropland in Saratoga)
Jeff & Kathy Sommers ($2,000) - Runs Central Sands Dairy, massive polluter
Nick & Diane (Wysocki) Somers ($2,000)
Kirk & Jackie (Wysocki) Wille ($2,000)
Bill & Marla Wysocki ($2,000)
Francis & Harriet Wysocki ($2,000)
Jim & Sharon Wysocki ($2,000)
Louis Wysocki ($1,000)

SO, the long and short of this is: NO TO TESTIN! He is sponsored by the Wysocki CAFO Family. A vote for Testin is a vote against Saratoga (Wood County), Rome (Adams County) and all of Wisconsin's water.


  1. Go Julie, we will put Big Ag in there place, out of Wisconsin.

  2. Nice research, Rhonda. Thanks for letting us know!