Mar 21, 2016

Lake Michigan Shore-located Business and Home Redlined

Pictured is a traveling gun spray irrigating manure. In the practice
of spray irrigation of manure, aerosolized lagoon waste
is reduced into smaller particulate droplets,
which are easily ingested and inhaled by humans and animals.
Hopes of actually selling commercial and residential lakeshore property are 'zero percent'

The destruction wrought by industrialized agriculture is immense and growing, (WisconsinWatch, Door County Pulse).

By Robyn Mulhaney
Kewaunee County Wisconsin

This is a very personal issue for me. As a resident of Kewaunee County with a tourism-based business I am living the nightmare you are trying to stop [in central Wisconsin].

My business is 15-yrs.-old. At the time I built new construction along Lake Michigan, thinking this was my last business venture, there was one WPDES, [Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System], permit in our county, Pagel's Ponderosa [factory farm]. You all know the rest of the story here. Along with 9 other citizens, I stopped one CAFO 2 miles located 2 miles from my business from implementing irrigation of raw manure. I am thinking that will change after his permit is up and he will be permitted in four years.

I listed my home and business for sale during the last year. While no broker, appraiser or banker would come right out and say it, my commercial property values are 2/3 of CONSTRUCTION COSTS 15 years ago because of water quality. My home has 800 ft. of Lake Michigan frontage, a small cove that fills with heaps of algae during the warm months. We are dealing with health issues in our household and want to move out of the area as quickly as possible. My partner will be leaving next month and I am staying behind to dismantle our retail business, providing an empty space for events and weddings as there are 4 acres of cultivated gardens and a lily pond on the property, all established my us. Our local government has offered no support for our situation, basically told us to shut up or leave. My hopes of actually selling either property are at 0%.

My point is, by the time we recognized, or admitted, the changes to our landscape, it was too late. My outdoor inventory gets coated with a black soot each summer from the CAFO 2 miles west. The pollution travels winds from the west, hangs up in the humid lake air, creating a haze of pollution. We smell lagoon odors virtually everyday and we our customers ask/complain about the odors; the source is two miles away! Our business has sustained extensive and expensive vandalism over the last year. Our home has been vandalized and so have vehicles left in our parking lot. The sheriffs department is completely lacking in support. Not until the water kiosk was vandalized at the high school these last couple months have they taken issues of vandalism seriously from the citizens who have spoke out against pollution issues.

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