Jan 14, 2016

Penny Brummer Wrongful Conviction Penetrating Consciousness

Penny Brummer - Wrongfully Convicted
by bigotry and police tunnel vision
Bigotry, police tunnel vision, police deceit, prosecutorial misconduct and the prison-industrial complex all suggest a criminal justice system gone way, way wrong.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin is one international focal point; Madison, Wisconsin is another.

Penny Brummer was convicted in 1995 for first degree intentional homicide and given a life sentence.

This is Madison, Wisconsin. The question advocates ask: Will a more enlightened community 20 years later give Ms. Brummer a new trial for a prosecution that should never have taken place?

That's really what advocates want because there is no chance in a million Brummer would be convicted today.

Bill Lueders has the story at Isthmus.

Writes Lueders:

Which brings us to Penny Brummer, convicted of the March 1994 murder of Sarah Gonstead, the best friend of Penny’s female ex-lover, after a night of barhopping. The case has all the hallmarks of wrongful conviction: No prior criminal history on Brummer’s part. No physical evidence tying her to the crime. No credible eyewitnesses, and one manifestly non-credible one. 

Which Dane County jurist will come forward and champion justice, and save the life of an innocent woman in the process?

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