Dec 28, 2015

Republicans Call for Failure

"[Y]ou might have expected the debacle of George W. Bush’s presidency ... to inspire some reconsideration of W-type policies. What we’ve seen instead is a doubling down, a determination to take whatever didn’t work from 2001 to 2008 and do it again, in a more extreme form," writes Paul Krugman this morning, (New York Times).

Republicans are a wrecking ball, self-consciously, and the small swath of Americans voting in Republican primaries and caucuses love it, thirty-five days out from the Iowa caucuses.

Paul Ryan wants his dream shot at dismantling Medicare and Social Security, and any candidate running for the Democratic Party nomination should commit to protecting and expanding these programs from Republican destruction.

The next U.S.-led global economic crisis that will occur, should Republicans enact their radical economic and social policies, shows a Party resembling a nihilistic cult more than anything else.

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