Dec 11, 2015

Supporters Stand with Madison Barber, Fundraiser for Meadowood Barbershop

Katie Swenson, Madison Police Chief Koval and
popular former owner, ole-school Larry the Barber
A crowdfunding fundraiser has been established to save the Meadowood Barbershop.

A staple of the Meadowood community, the shop is owned by Katie Swenson.

"This place is glue to this neighborhood. And everyone is working together on this," said a frequent patron. "It would be a shame to see this business go down."

From the crowdfunding site: 

The Story

Katie Swenson bought Meadowood Barber Shop Oct 1, 2012 to continue doing what she loves most: hair - and to realize her dream of having her own shop. Katie, Larry, and former-owner Don cut hair for members of the Orchard Ridge, Greentree, and Meadowood communities - providing not only great services, but a real sense of small-town community; customers are treated as friends and even family. Having grown up in the neighborhood, Katie is a true advocate for our immediate area and its people, and creates a true sense of community within her shop. She not only is generous with her time and talents, but continually raises awareness and funds for the needs of others.

Her children, who attend Orchard Ridge Elementary, love spending time at the shop with her and know many of her clients as extensions of their own family. (Daughter Tianna wants to grow up to own a hair salon, just like Mom) She knows their friends and those friends' parents. She gives discounted cuts for the kids for back-to-school.

For all that Katie has done in the community, she now faces a true hardship of her own: a new, 5-year lease for the shop must be signed along with a $2,000 deposit by December 15th or she will be forced to close her doors.

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