Nov 25, 2015

Voters Are Pot of Incoherent, Resentful Ignoramuses

A series of pieces out offer some facts of the American political culture.

The Marquette University Law School, Democratic Strategist, ProPublica and The New York Times’ Sunday Review, and Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior all confirm what is clear: America is a depoliticized state where policy and socio-political knowledge and sentiment are mostly confined to racism, social resentments, fear and a vague idea that a few special interests are looking out for themselves.

Low turn-out, midterm elections show the results.

Republican Party efforts to obstruct voting and gerrymander state and Congressional districts show why shifting demographics minimizing the electoral power of white, rural, Evangelical voters are imperative to Republican Party success, even post-Citizens United.

The large swath of voters who have given up on electoral politics need reasons (spelled out and repeated) and a dynamic candidate to drag them out to vote next November 2106.

First things first, get past the Republican gauntlet obstructing voting.

"Anybody who suppresses the vote, who intentionally tries to keep people from voting, is a political coward. They are undermining democracy," said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

Republicans are political cowards, but indecency and undermining democracy are no deterrent to what Republicans do. They are after power and their base is fascistic.

These are facts you won't read in the above analyses and corporate political reporting: Republicans do not believe in Democracy.

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