Nov 14, 2015

Judge Mark McGinnis Defies Science, Constitution

"Groundwater in the humid Midwest, here in Wisconsin, almost always discharges to nearby surface water," said Dr. Madeline Gotkowitz of the Wisconsin Geological Survey," (Chase, Ashland Daily Press)

Dr. Gotkowitz presented her findings to the Bayfield County Large-Scale Livestock Committee on Nov. 12.

Gotkowitz' truism eludes Outagamie (Wisconsin) Circuit Court Judge Mark McGinnis who defying precedent, law and the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine is carrying out the Republican Party's effort to block state protection of surface and ground water from polluters.

To understand how groundwater, streams, and lakes are connected, examine images below from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
U.S. Geological Survey image shows flow of groundwater, streams, and lakes
Image: U.S. Geological Survey; January 14, 2008
Figure showing potential sources of groundwater contamination
Image provided by USGS; January 14, 2008
Only a child or somewhat willfully ignorant or corrupt does not understand groundwater and surface water interact. What you put into the groundwater is vectored into surface water, and when you drain groundwater, you drain lakes and streams.

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