Oct 8, 2015

The Guardian: Donald Trump Is Here to Stay in GOP-land

If Paddy Chayefsky ever lived to write about American electoral politics, it's unlikely even he could have imagined Donald Trump.

Yet, Trump is here to stay, Ben Jacobs writes convincingly in The Guardian today.

One can hope.

The sheer lunacy of Trump rips into the American political system the openings Bernie Sanders needs in a country hollowed-out, corrupt and approaching the tipping point of veering into a dystopian police-prosecutor state run by corporate goons and imbeciles.

Heard Bernie at a small, private talk in the Madison area in the late 1980s, and he talked and talked to an audience already convinced of the tenets behind his arguments. Cogent, brilliant and passionate, Bernie offered a needed dose of sanity.

Point is Bernie has been around the country working for decades.

The next time you hear Chris Matthews speak with confidence asserting Bernie Sanders is not serious, and is just so much water from the splash of a heavy object dropped into the electoral pool, you may want to consider Matthews has no idea what he's talking about—and Sanders does and has for decades.

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