Sep 7, 2015

Scott Walker's Decline Was Foretold, No Bottom in Sight

How would Scott Walker's assaults on the
First Amendment fly with voters in the
Granite State, the nation's first presidential
primary? Contact the
New Hampshire Union Leader

and find out. Email
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Live free or die is a sacred commitment,
lacking in Scott Walker's delusional
conception of America. Reference
Michael Kissick v. Huebsch and Erwin. And
Dane County Judge Frank Remington's
ruling for other victims of Walker.

No Time to Forget Scott Walker's First Amendment Violations

Scott Walker's decline as a 'top tier' candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency was predictable.

What's inexplicable is why when Scott Walker said he was "praying" on running last spring and early summer, (god evidently gave Walker the go-ahead) (Bauer, AP), Walker did not anticipate he would be asked policy questions and appear at unscripted public events.

Walker's "obvious lack of preparation on national and international issues" (Larison, The American Conservative) should have led the political media straight to comparisons of Sarah Palin, and Walker's benighted brand of Wisconsin legislators requiring the gerrymandering of the state for election to public office.

The latest NBC/Marist poll shows Walker polling at five percent in made-for-Walker Iowa and four percent in New Hampshire (Murray, NBC News).

No bottom appears in sight for Walker, perhaps because he deceitfully assured god he would become a policy wonk, perhaps a future student at the UW-Madison La Follette Institute of Public Affairs.

Instead, Walker demonizes poor children and working families, robs from the disabled and elderly, still makes appeals to racists, is intent on stopping the healing of the sick, and presents public teachers and the University System as less important than the interests of his campaign donors.

These objectives are fine with most Republicans. It is Walker's lying, pandering and pretending to knowledge that both insults Republican voters' intelligence and offends sensibilities, emphatically those of flinty Granite State residents and self-righteous Iowans.

Some voters' religious traditions hold "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Seventy-one-year-old Ann Fleischli's hand was cut to
the tendon on June 14, 2014 when she was handcuffed
and manhandled by a Wisconsin Capitol Police officer,
under Scott Walker's administration's imposed rules.
Fleischli's alleged offense is predicated on gathering
petition signatures regarding a local proposed development.
The Madison attorney Fleischli also once wrote a column
noting the"Madison branch of Women’s International League
for Peace and Freedom's founder, the famed Jane Addams,
began an audacious campaign to stop World War I."
(The Capital Times) No apology was ever offered to
Ms. Fleischli by Scott Walker, though the Capitol Police
did offer to call the police after Fleischli's blood stained
the Capitol floor where she was detained. The perp,
Wisconsin Capitol Police Officer Michael J. Syphard,
was never charged and continues to serve on the
Capitol Police 'Force' to this day.

Ample interpretations are used. Scott Walker's reading is perverse: Be poor and die, take money from billionaires and destroy the liberties and common welfare of the people.

In opposition to Walker, consider America's pioneering social contract: Life, Liberty, Happiness, Safety, protection against tyranny and a demand that petitions not be met by repeated injury.

Walker has failed these aspirations.

Scott Walker's reign in Wisconsin, including specifically the state capitol in which Walker's administration's created rules carried out by thugs that had to stopped by a federal judge in 2103 citing the First Amendment and Wisconsin long commitments to petitioning the government at the capitol, would be met by some sort of reaction from Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans.

Walker's hostility to the First Amendment is under-reported news.

Does Walker propose this regime for the country?

New Hampshire and Iowa residents ought consider and ask this question of Scott Walker repeatedly. Perhaps news of what Walker did at the capitol that he compares to conquering ISIS/ISIL would end this foolish man's quest for power.

United States District Court Judge William M. Conley for the Western District of Wisconsin issued a preliminary injunction [Michael Kissick vs. Michael Huebsch and David Erwin] against Walker and his Department of Administration in 2103 that led to a consent agreement that Walker and his cops knock it off.

"The Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda functions, both literally and symbolically, as a city center and is fully utilized as a public space to which all have claim," noted Judge William M. Conley in Michael Kissick vs. Michael Huebsch and David Erwin (Mal Contends), citing Wisconsin's National Historic Landmark Nomination document, among other historical capitol documents in his 2013 preliminary injunction that led to a free speech victory over Walker.

Conley had noted the vital societal purpose of public discourse, and the inherent civil rights citizens retain in the United States Constitution, summed up well in the New Hampshire state motto:

Live Free Or Die!

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