Sep 3, 2015

Scott Walker's Cops Probed Madison Alder and Progressive Magazine Writer

Scott Walker Palace Guard Objects
Updated - "Just passed on the opportunity to hit (a jay-walking) Cullie Werwie, [a Scott Walker flack] with my car as he crossed [East] Wilson [Street] mid-block," joked a Madison, Wisconsin alder in Facebook a couple of months back.

Naturally, Scott Walker's Capitol police rushed to an investigation of a July 2015 Facebook post by a Madison alder and Progressive Magazine contributor.

David Erwin, Walker's chief of the Madison Capitol police is one piece of work, ... and one dumb shit.

To understand the siege mentality of Scott Walker and his Capitol cops—a collection of hacks with the understanding of the United States Constitution rivaling preschoolers'—see Tony Galli's piece at WKOW-TV (Madison, WI) today.

Kemble had reported on a Madison Capitol police officer, Officer Michael J. Syphard, grabbing a videographer, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, and throwing him to the ground and afterwards calling him "a drama queen" in a piece in The Progressive Magazine featuring Kohl-Riggs' widely circulated video and Kemble's prose in August 2013.

So, Walker's cops smelled pay-back.

"Reports state Capitol Police official Meverden determined Kemble '... does not appear to be a threat to Mr. Werwie,'" reports Galli.

Great detective work!

Kemble has also been known to sing at the Wisconsin capitol Solidarity Sing-along.
Solidarity Sing Along.
Solidarity Sing Along.

Way to go, capitol cops, and enjoy that pension, healthcare and salary you get from the Wisconsin people.

Republican legislative allies of Scott Walker have pushed the propaganda line for years that Wisconsin families, "union thugs," are harassing and assaulting them especially around election time.

Reality check: Capitol cops under Walker's tenure have turned into lawless thugs (Capital Times, June 21, 2014) (Mal Contends).

Michael J. Syphard

One Capitol cop, Michael J. Syphard likes beating on elderly women, and is still on the 'force.'

Susan Barica of the Capitol Police ( 608-266-7840, refused to confirm this fact, after another Capitol Police source confirmed Syphard still draws a salary, healthcare and a pension from Wisconsin tax payers.

Syphard was placed on two deferred prosecution agreements with the Dane County District Attorney's office (Elbow, The Capital Times (Dec. 2014)).

Elbow reports:

In 2000, Syphard was charged with disorderly conduct after pinning his then-girlfriend against a wall with a forearm to the jaw before shattering her cell phone on the floor, according to a criminal complaint.

In his most recent disorderly conduct case, he was also charged with felony intimidation of a victim after allegedly confronting his estranged wife, grabbing her face with both hands and screaming at her.

'He has gone crazy,' the woman in the most recent case told police, according to the criminal complaint in that case.
Good enough for Scott Walker.

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