Sep 19, 2015

Scott Walker—Rumors of Campaign Turmoil Amid Demise in Polls

Scott Walker's campaign chair, Rick Wiley, will be let go from the campaign because of top donor dissatisfaction with Walker's meltdown, and some donors are circulating an anonymous letter of condemnation alleging some unconfirmed misconduct on the part of Wiley, according to reports. (RedState) (Buzzfeed)

Wiley denies the reports on all counts (Opoien, The Capital Times).

Erick Erickson of RedState, a rightwing journal, runs a story on his site saying Wiley is on the way out, and "a lot more turmoil is on the horizon," and stands by his story.

Notes BuzzFeed:

The influential conservative talk radio host and blogger Erick Erickson appeared to allude to the whisper campaign [about Wiley] Thursday on Twitter: 'Lots of different people all sending me the same rumor about a particular campaign manager caught indecently at the Ohio debate.'
Sleazy way to treat a strategist and Walker loyalist whom Walker hired less than two months ago.

One wonders if Walker will stick up for Wiley and make a statement that any donors trash-talking Wiley can leave the campaign.

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