Sep 21, 2015

Scott Walker Melted Down Because of Rational Fear

Craig Gilbert in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ponders what caused the sudden implosion of Scott Walker's run for the presidency in light of the favorable ratings Walker has among GOP voters in his policy positions.

Gilbert has been around and knows the campaign game, and what's odd is why he doesn't see the obvious cause of Walker's demise.

Republican and Tea Party voters are concerned that were Scott Walker the presidential nominee for the Party, Walker would be at the top of the ticket, he would be humiliated and risk a landslide in November 2016.

Scott Walker is not an ideas guy, is not a policy wonk, cannot think on his feet, and has no center.

Among Wisconsin political writers familiar with Walker, Walker has earned the moniker, 'the hollow man.'

Republican Party primary likely voters are bigoted, benighted and misogynistic.

They are not suicidal, notwithstanding recent bizarre events in the 2015-16 Republican Party campaign for the presidency.

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