Aug 13, 2015

Scott Walker's Campaign Is Faltering, Policy Lightweight Is Scaring GOP

Scott Walker
There is an unspoken rule in Scott Walker's campaign and gubernatorial office: No town hall-style events where Walker has to answer unscripted questions and think on his feet.

Like the iconic feather by Garry Trudeau savaging former Vice President Dan Quayle (1989-1993), Scott Walker's brand as a lightweight is penetrating the nation just one month after Walker declared his candidacy for the presidency.

Bake in the fact that Scott Walker's criminal scheme illegally coordinating fundraising is on track in the federal court system, Walker's incredible destruction of his own home state, and you have a fatally wounded candidate, [no matter how much dark money the Koch brothers and other billionaires dump into the electoral system].

Scott Walker's retort: Using a tweet to appeal to the Iowa GOP Caucus crowd amid falling poll numbers: 'Hillary Clinton has liberal, academic friends!'

On that point, Walker is right. Hillary does have well-educated, successful and socially conscious friends, and they worked their butts off to their parents' delight and pride.

But this does not sit well with the radical evangelical Scott Walker who feels academic and professional attainment are elitist defects to be avoided, hence, Walker's perverse efforts to wage war on the University of Wisconsin System.

After Walker's candidacy collapses from sheer lack of policy knowledge and intellect, rightwing welfare and unspent campaign funds await.

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