Jul 11, 2015

Scott Walker Lies and Stumbles His Way to Presidential Kick-off

CNN: Washington (CNN) "America's Best Eyeglasses is reminding people that their logo may look like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's new campaign logo, but they're not endorsing him, or any other candidate for that matter."
Scott Walker lies, pathologically.

This is why Walker avoids the people and the press, except for rightwing talk radio.

Walker's latest lie is his denial on rightwing radio in which Scott Walker claims, "I think it was a mistake to even think about [gutting Wisconsin's Open Records law] in the budget, even though it didn't come from us," (

even think about," why were Walker and Joint Finance Committee (JFC) working on it and passing it on the days before the July 4th holiday?

This radical change in Wisconsin law, since disavowed and rescinded, just happened without Walker's approval?

As already widely noted outside WalkerWorld, Scott Walker signed off on the secrecy provisions in motion 999—the Republican-authored proposal to sneak in legislation in the budget—as confirmed by JFC member, State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton). All 12 Republican members of the JFC voted for motion 999 (Punzel, Wisconsin State Journal).

Meanwhile Walker's campaign is stumbling out of the blocks, accidentally sending out a presidential campaign communication and a logo that appears a trademark infringement. (CognitiveDissidence) (Blue Cheddar)

No comment from the Scott Walker administration.

The nation is about to learn what most of the Wisconsin electorate, some 74 percent, who didn't vote for Scott Walker already know well: Scott Walker lies, cheats and lies some more.

Scott Walker campaign infringed on a trademark logo below
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