May 4, 2015

Scott Walker Silent on Call to Unseal John Doe Records

Scott Walker tries to stop criminal investigation
as Wisconsin Law Enforcement calls for release
of records of investigation in John Doe II.
"I invite the governor to join me in seeking judicial approval to lawfully release information now under seal which would be responsive to the allegations that have been made. Such information, when lawfully released, will show that these recent allegations are patently false."
- John Doe Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz in late April 2015 (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Schmitz is referring to Scott Walker's slamming the bipartisan John Doe probe into Scott Walker's scheme to illegally funnel secret monies into the 2011-12 Recall elections as a "witchhunt." (Marley, Bice and Glauber, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

If Scott Walker has nothing to hide why doesn't he join Francis Schmitz in calling for the release of the John Doe records?

Anti-John Doe litigation by Walker allies has already revealed Walker secretly directed monies. (Kroll, MotherJones)

If Walker really believes himself innocent, what does Scott Walker have to hide?

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