Apr 10, 2015

Water Abandoned by Scott Walker and Big Ag

Door Peninsula - Worth saving from
Scott Walker and Big Ag such as
Kinnard Farms and other Polluters
The Wisconsin spring election showed two trends: Wisconsin rural residents are getting the message that Big Ag doesn't care about polluting our water, and Scott Walker is a protector of Big Ag (among other destructive special interests).

Tim Kowols in the Door County Daily News:
Every municipality in Kewaunee County voted to approve a measure aimed at protecting its groundwater supply. The Kewaunee County Public Health and Groundwater Ordinance handedly passed in all 15 townships. The ordinance would ban farmers from manure spreading in certain areas of the county from January 1 to April 15. Kewaunee County Board Member Lee Lufts says they are doing what they can to help farmers ease into the new measure.
Kewaunee County, a dying tourist destination in the Door Peninsula, has been hit hard by pollution caused by millions of tons of liquid cow manure by Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operations (CAFOs) annually.

One of the big polluters, Kinnard Farms in the town of Lincoln, issued a statement expressing surprise people don't like pollution. Pollution, what pollution? (Associated Press) The town of Lincoln passed a new water-protection ordinance: 140 yes, 38 no on Tuesday.

See also the Peninsula Pulse, Groundwater Ordinance Passes in All Kewaunee Municipalities:

"The ordinance, passed by the county board in September of 2014, bans farmers from spreading manure in sensitive areas between Jan. 1 and April 15, when the groundwater supply is most susceptible to contamination."

Town of Ahnapee: 139 yes, 34 no

Town of Carlton: 227 yes, 81 no

Town of Casco: 187 yes, 62 no

Town of Franklin: 187 yes, 40 no

Town of Lincoln: 140 yes, 38 no

Town of Luxemburg: 179 yes, 41 no

Town of Montpelier: 234 yes, 72 no

Town of Pierce: 185 yes, 57 no

Town of Red River: 229 yes, 44 no

Town of West Kewaunee: 418 yes, 63 no

Village of Casco: 77 yes, 12 no

Village of Luxemburg: 374 yes, 49 no

City of Algoma: 423 yes, 48 no

City of Kewaunee: 615 yes, 90 no

The Dairy Business Association (DBA) put out a press release acknowledging that fields being spread with liquid cow manure are considered production sites, largely unregulated but at least water pollution is still recognized as water pollution and under the legal purview of the Clean Water Act.

Polluted and unsafe water are costs, destruction and sickness, the DBA is willing to pass onto the people.

Scott Walker has no problem with that, provided polluting special interests keep filling up his campaign coffers.

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