Apr 4, 2015

Scott Walker's Attack on Disabled Is Unconscionable

Does Scott Walker really have some need of bringing down the wrath of god onto citizens who are not GOP contributors, and are disabled and old?

Consider Walker's budget proposal to repeal the statute and cut off aid to 11,000 elderly and disabled Wisconsinites who are part of the IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program.

Walker wants to go after these people?

Noted here before, without politcal hyperbole, this is something wrong with Scott Walker.

A petition is making the rounds to protect IRIS:

by Melissa Prentice

I am disabled and only 33-years-old. I am a single mother of two beautiful children.

Thanks to the IRIS Program, I am in my home with my children, though I am disabled from the middle of my back to my toes. The reason for this is because IRIS allowed me to choose a caregiver (or they would have found me one), figured out a monthly amount I am allotted through the program, and is paying my caregiver to take care of me and my household.

Without this program, I would have to be in some type of nursing or rehabilitation facility for the rest of my life. I would no longer have my children. I would no longer have my life.

And that is not all IRIS does! If I were to need a new bed, or a repair on my house such as a ramp going up to my door, I would simply submit it to my IRIS case worker, who is available for me during all business hours by phone. She would submit the request, and they would allot me the extra money, as long as it is something I need due to my disability.

Since Gov. Walker took office, all he has talked about is creating jobs and supporting the people of this state. Now he is attacking the weakest and most vulnerable people, and by ending this wonderful program, he will be taking away the many, many jobs of the people who actually work for IRIS and the many wonderful caregivers who spend their time taking care of people like me.

Please help the weak and vulnerable in the state of Wisconsin and stand up to save the IRIS program:

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