Mar 9, 2015

Police and the Myth of Honor

Dane County Deputy Sheriff Andrew P. Steele
(ret), the face of Justice in Dane County
Update III: See Wisconsin: The Worst State for African Americans (Brown, The Progressive). For Wisconsin police forces steeped in anti-intellectualism, Brown writes "The first step to addressing racial inequality is recognizing that it exists." But you will not find many social justice activists in the self-selecting members of law enforcement, nor too many intellectuals.

Update II: Capitol protest draws 1,500 in Tony Robinson killing. (Wisconsin State Journal)

Updated - Testilying is the common practice of police testifying in court after prosecutors typically overcharge and put decades of a criminal defendant's life in the hands of easily persuadable juries.

That police in America routinely commit perjury is not a fact widely known outside of the principals of the bastardization of the criminal justice system.

That police routinely cook police reports is another fact.

That police will harass individuals fighting even a civil citation is another fact not widely known, corrupting a system with no apparent shame.

Most judges look to hang onto their six-figure, taxpayer-financed job, a good gig if you can get it; justice is not their objective.

What's the check on this system? There isn't any currently, and the conveyor belt of the police and the criminal judicial system moves on carrying as many victims as can be held.

In Madison, Police Chief Michael C. Koval ought to consider these issues at his next listening sessions, though the corrupt and insidious practice is widespread enough now (and has been for decades) that contemplation before action is not needed.

We need a Conviction Integrity Unit in Dane County, and it ought to be publicly funded. The Dane County Board of Supervisors has the responsibility on this for authoring and implementing this system.

Why isn't there a widespread call that former Dane County deputy sheriff Andrew Steele's work all be called into question after he murdered two people while still receiving public monies for medical leave?

Every case in which Steele's work was central should be suspect.

Tony Robinson, Killed by Madison, Wisconsin Police March 2015
But truth and justice are not the objectives of the criminal justice system and digging up old cases is a hassle.

Steele pleaded insanity late last month to two charges of First-Degree Intentional Homicide, a fitting plea for an insane criminal justice system by a deputy sheriff whom Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney called an "exemplary employee" last year.

In the meantime, the young among us are pointing the way forward, see Stocker, The Capital Times as they grieve the killing of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by Madison Police.

Will the killings of young, black men ever stop?

Will incarcerating more and more innocent Americans ever stop?

I guarantee a result if the people do nothing, and retreat into passive compliance and lethargy.


  1. Spot On! See:,,,, and for more documentation of testilying and police misconduct with lack of oversight

  2. Look at the old eye-opening Standford Experiment and you will see how the closed society that is not transparent with extreme oversight degenerates into a situation like in the famous book - Lord of the Flies.