Dec 29, 2014

Milwaukee Police Targeting Black Residents and Protesters

Across the country, Americans are protesting being killed
by police, protests that are now being targeted by police
A Very Racist Christmas Weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Police Officer Branko Stoj to writer: "What the fuck are you doing here?!" Milwaukee Police Officer Joseph Anderer: "You’re a domestic terrorist. ... We’re gonna fuck with you and your friends a bit." (Jabril Faraj, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service) Mr. Faraj was arrested and his vehicle impounded.
When Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced in mid-December that Killer Cop, Christopher Manney, would not be charged for killing Dontre Hamilton in April 2014 by shooting Hamilton 14 times, few were surprised.

Hamilton is black and now ex-cop Manney is white.

District Attorney Chisholm is not known for his moral courage, and taking on a white police murderer in the America's most segregated urban area is not the politically convenient move in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Few were surprised but outraged nevertheless, so protests ensued, and Milwaukee citizens blocked the I-43 highway resulting in mass arrests. (Luthern, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was outraged ... at the protests, not understanding that black folks have had enough of being killed by white police.

December protest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin's I-43 Highway
against another police murder of another
unarmed black man, Dontre Hamilton
Photo: Overpass Light Brigade

Barrett evidently has no clue that people have had enough of the status quo, or more likely Barrett lacks the courage to stand up for black folks.

Don't look for Barrett to speak against police violence or segregation.

I've met Tom Barrett a couple of times when he was a state senator. Nice enough guy, but Barrett has the spine of a white liberal politician in Milwaukee which is to say: Spaghetti spine.

A Milwaukee writer, Jabril Faraj, has been covering the inner-city of Milwaukee so naturally over the weekend Faraj was arrested and given two citations by the unthinking, racist Milwaukee police for doing his job.

Read Faraj's account in Why I Was Arrested in Milwaukee’s Central City (Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Dec. 28) for insight into the regard Milwaukee cops have for the First Amendment and civil liberties.

Black lives matter is the theme of people across America.

Now, police are accelerating the program against black Milwaukee protesters.

"Milwaukee police have issued arrest orders for specific organizers and refuse to even inform these organizers or their attorneys of any charges until they are in custody," reports Khalil Coleman Milwaukee resident and organizer from Occupy The Hood Milwaukee.

At some point, America may awaken and realize that black lives don't matter so very much, and this is very wrong.

The FBI and U.S. attorney's office are now investigating the murder of Hamilton.

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