Dec 17, 2014

Industrial Dairy Threatens America's Dairyland, U.S.

At some point in the near future look for the PR mavens of industrial agriculture to assert liquid cow and swine manure are good for you and your children and that pathogens are beneficial.

This is because of the ascendency of industrial agriculture model (concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO)) and the somnambulistic nature of American political culture.

Watch this space next week for a particularly appalling account of poisoning from a CAFO from Wisconsin.

In the meantime, I recommend the following account of a massive liquid manure spill in Door County, the Cape Cod of the Midwest, by John Bobbe in the Wisconsin-based Cornucopia Institute (Dec. 15), and a story breaking that organic foods are not so organic in a comprehensive fraud investigation of CAFOs masquerading as organic small farmers, also appearing in the Cornucopia Institute (Dec. 11) revealing "... a systemic pattern of corporate agribusiness interests operating industrial-scale confinement livestock facilities providing no legitimate grazing, or even access to the outdoors, as required by federal organic regulations."

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