Sep 27, 2014

Wisconsin County Cuts Liquid Cow Manure Vectoring into Drinking Water

Fighting the horror of CAFOs
Kate Golden has the story from Kewaunee County in northeastern Wisconsin about the mega-Dairy industry gone mad,(WisconsinWatch) and a victory.

America's Dairyland with the direct complicity of many Wisconsin politicians, Scott Walker worst of all, remains in thrall of the dairy industry now dominated by concentrated agricultural feeding operations (CAFOs).

The dairy CAFOs are a nightmare with many rooms of horror and one wishes this were hyperbole.

One of the worst terrors is the deranged, systemic dynamic that Wisconsin's former DNR runoff chief, Gordon Stevenson (2001-2011) terms "medieval": Vectoring millions of tons of liquid cow manure into the aquifers and Wisconsin surface waters, including the two largest Great Lakes.

Considering Wisconsin's greatest natural resource is water, 15,000 lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior for starters. The dangers are not lost on environmentalists, nor the perpetrators embodied in the Dairy Business Association.

The practice is getting worse and accelerating.

Back in 2009, writer Roger Bybee warned: "John Peck (of the Family Farm Defenders), only half-joking, suggests Wisconsin's longtime slogan, 'America's Dairyland,' may need to be updated. The new slogan: 'The Land of 10,000 Animal-Waste Lagoons.'" (Isthmus, August 14, 2009)

We are well on our way.

CAFOs are proliferating in America's Dairyland with predictable toxification of Wisconsin waters, as most politicians run scared in a political environment akin to coal in West Virginia.

Another battle between citizens and a corporation of CAFOs is occurring in central Wisconsin, the "Golden Sands" region.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, if you are in Kewaunee County, don't drink the water or wash out a child's cut or scrape with tap water.

On an ending note, in the Golden Sands, central Wisconsin region, golf developer, Mike Keiser, is beginning construction of a five-course golf resort at the bottom of an ancient glacial lake that everyone wants to happen.

The only threat to the innovative project conforming to the natural sand geology is that the Wysocki corporation wants to site a massive CAFO a few miles north of the resort.

Sooner or later, sooner I think, Mike Keiser is going to realize the destructive capacity of CAFOs, why a north wind would be anathema to his golf course, and the plain fact the Mississippi watershed includes the Wisconsin River running a few miles from the resort.

There's an objective here: Scotland found at the bottom of an ancient glacial lake, and Wisconsin citizens feeling safe again that their water is not being effectively poisoned. Citizens are working to enlist Mr. Keiser to join the fight.

Added an avid CAFO fighter: "We want Mike Keiser and his dream to come true. And we want to live our lives with clean and safe water. I think Mike Keiser will come onto our side against a common enemy."

Construction just begun at the Sand Valley Resort at center-right.
Shot is taken from a plane at 2,000 feet by Adams and Wood County residents
worried that Sand Valley and their homes and lakes are
threatened by an environmental predator in central Wisconsin:
The Wysocki Family corporation.

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