Aug 18, 2014

ALEC Stooge, Rep Scott Krug Says He'll File Libel Suit Against MAL Contends

State Rep Scott Krug says he'll
file libel suit against this site
for pointing out Krug's
anti-environmental and
pro-CAFO political planks
Update II: To no one's surprise, Scott Krug's threat to pursue legal action has proven to be as credible as his claim to be working for the interests of clean water and the environment.

Scott Krug is motivated by two things in his ill-considered libel suit threat: Stunning ignorance of libel law; and an appalling incapacity to say 'No' to Scott Walker and ALEC on Big Ag's liquid cow manure runoff gifted to the people of Wisconsin with all of its pathogens and toxins vectored into our waterways and aquifers.

Updated - Top ally of the Big Ag and polluters running scared, as he works in service of Scott Walker's plan that toxifies lakes, streams and aquifers

Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (Wisconsin Rapids and ALEC) says he intends to file a libel suit against MAL Contends because MC points out that Krug is an anti-clean water, ALEC stooge who knows less about caring for the environment than he does about libel law.

Krug sent an email to MC last night (Sunday) in which Krug writes: "The post forwarded to me is libelous and we will persue (sic) action."

The Krug email was followed by a similar email to clean water advocates living in Wood and Adams counties, at least some of whom serve on the Citizens Groundwater Advisory Group, an informal group that Krug put together as a PR job to convince people that Krug is actually against the siting of a massive concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO) in central Wisconsin, and that Krug really, really cares about the environment.

Monday afternoon Krug sent an email to Donald Ysted of Nakoosa in Wood County.

Writes Krug: "Criticism is part of the process, I'm more than happy to take my lumps when deserved, helps me learn from mistakes and become a better legislator. I won't stand for outright lies simply because there is some truth surrounding them."

Lies and "some truth" do not typically make for compelling libel actions.

Krug is scared because the proposed massive CAFO is about as popular with his constituents as a warm glass of liquid cow manure.

Krug will face Dana Duncan of Port Edwards who has made safeguarding Wisconsin's waters a centerpiece of his campaign, and is unflinching in his opposition to the proposed CAFO.

Early this afternoon, Krug responded to an email from me and wrote: "Do you intend to retract the following statements? 'And cynical, corrupt politicians are providing political cover for the polluters.'
'Instead Krug is assisting Scott Walker, Walker's DNR and the Dairy Business Association in their project in which one objective is to contaminate and literally toxify Wisconsin lakes and other waters.'"

To which I responded: "Of course not. By the way, truth an excellent defense against defamation accusations."

Still waiting to see if Krug is really dumb enough to file a libel suit or if an attorney wises the kid up.


  1. You are so wrong about krug, wysoki, duncan, walkers role, everything. Have you talked to anyone from Rome or Saratoga other than someone who is a unknown to both community and hicap problem?, like perhaps before writing the post did you think to drive you butt up here and see for yourself the pettiness, ineffective leadership at the municipal and county levels? did you even think for one second that krug is the only person working at the regional level to fight this development? Seriously, scott krug is not a DNR warden anymore then he is an appeals member which is where the ball was dropped, and by zoning, and by local board members the likes of julie lassa would call friend. The type that will not make a definitive decision on anything just in case it works is ridiculous to me that you would attack krug citing things that do not even correlate other the walker and him are both republicans. If you are going to write about the area or Roman problems, then i suggest you come here and see for yourself, not just talk to the first person you find an email address for.....

    1. Yes, I have family in Wood County and have been up some 10ish times in the last two years, and have met with several members of the citizens' groups and multi-generation family members. Scott Krug formed an informal advisory board on groundwater some two years ago when Wysocki dropped the bomb that a CAFO in the center of four counties will be built (after forming two LLC to insulate liability of the toxins flowing area lakes and streams). Krug's committee is a PR job. Do you really believe people like Donald Ystad, Nancy Koch, Patt P. Rhonda Cain-Carrell, and so many others with Rome and Saratoga Friendly (RSF) and Protect Wood County (PWC) and Its Neighbors are not legit communities of interests? Even before the Wysocki CAFO was proposed, a small business owner told me people were already POed at Wysocki for sucking up so much water, and for vectoring liquid cow shit into area lakes that just closed several beaches last week. As for Krug, Krug knows as much about protecting the environment as he does not about libel law -- not much. Krug is a creature of GOP money, and the environment is not his gig. By the way, you can't place the blame on Town of Saratoga Zoning in '12 because Wysocki moved fast before the area could be re-zoned, forming the two LLC to compose Golden Sands Dairy. Krug is a Republican, and no Republican is going to go against Scott Walker and his transformation of the DNR where they give out high cap permits like candy, and squander the water. As for mistaking Krug as an appellate judge (assuming you are referring to the Dec 2013 decision, or the permit case), I assure you I am under no illusions that Scott Krug is a jurist. Krug is running scared, and will say anything to get reelected, break any promise to get reelected, and now that PWC and RSC have amassed popular opposition, he reversed this one proposed CAFO opposition last week. I have been to Wood, Adams and other counties, taken pictures, seen the land and water, so your ad hominem attack is fallacious. Krug's dedication to Golden Sands is revealed by his refusal to call for a stop to high cap wells and other CAFOs near or in his district. Why do you think Scott Krug waited 73 days before the election to finally come out against "Golden Sands?" As for Mr. Duncan, he has and can speak for himself, and has been an eloquent proponent of clean, safe water and tourism and recreation. In closing, State Sen. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) is the type of public servant I wish we had all over Wisconsin.