Jun 9, 2014

Scott Walker, Koch Stooge, Calls for New Federal Energy Policy

Scott Walker - Don't worry,
America, Walker won't be the next
"The governor told a group of Wisconsin farm reporters during a private gathering in his state Capitol office on May 28 that the country as a whole should be doing more to promote alternative energy sources like solar, wind, clean-burning coal, natural gas and ethanol," according to the Wisconsin Ag Connection.

The Wisconsin Ag Connection is an industry sell-out sheet, not worthy of a glance, except for the eye-catching hypocrisy (excessive even for Scott Walker) displayed as Walker's words on alternative energy are reprinted by the Ag Connection's stenographer.

Walker has blocked wind and solar energy as governor of Wisconsin, while specifically calling for solar and wind energy in his pretend run for the Republican Party's nominee for president in 2016.

Here are some relevant facts recently noted by Spencer Black:
Nearby states (to Wisconsin) are thriving. The director of Renew Wisconsin points out: 'Renewable energy is driving economic development throughout the Midwest and the nation. Our Midwest neighbors are investing heavily in wind power too.'

Walker administration policies are largely to blame. Under Walker, the Focus on Energy program curtailed funding for rooftop solar installations. State regulators appointed by Walker allowed utilities to reduce what they pay for power generated by utility customers' solar panels. Policies promoted by Walker have also made it harder to build new wind projects.

Ironically, while Wisconsin installs little new renewable energy, clean energy is still putting some folks to work here, but for projects in other states. For example, in Manitowoc, the Broadwind Energy factory will build towers for new Iowa wind farms. (The Capital Times, March 14, 2014) (emphasis added)
As Walker sucks in campaign money from oil, coal and gas interests, he continues his zealous opposition to critical and growing alternative clean energy industries that actually produce jobs.

Scott Walker takes his orders from ALEC, the Koch brothers and joins their assault on clean energy, to the detriment of American families' health as these special interests foul and toxify the environment.

This has been Walker's intention since he assumed office.

"Focus on Energy, a statewide program [since 2001] that promotes energy efficiency, is in the midst of big changes: new management by an out-of-state corporation, suspension of a popular rebate program, and sharp funding cuts in the pending state budget," reported Judy Newman (Wisconsin State Journal) on June 26, 2011, months after Walker assumed office. "Meanwhile, dozens of small Wisconsin businesses that specialize in setting up solar panels and wind turbines fear for their futures because of the slashed allocation and rebate removal."

Focus on Energy has a website, omitting mention of Walker's anti-wind power and solar energy policy that like most every Wisconsin state website under Walker has become a GOP propaganda outlet.

Scott Walker's pretending to be an pro-alternative energy governor is like Scott Walker pretending to be a pro-military veterans advocate—after Walker personally appointed two lackeys with no veterans' advocacy experience to run a non-profit charity for veterans and then stonewalled criminal investigators who later successfully convicted Walker's appointees for embezzling from these same non-profits. (Steve Schultze. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, January 22, 2013; and Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, May 31, 2012)

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