May 8, 2014

GOP Wants to See John Doe Docs, Let's Make Them All Public

Updated - Dan Bice reports the GOP attorneys want to engage in massive discovery of the John Doe investigation.

The presiding judge of the John Doe probe is at liberty to disclose documents to the public as well.

Reports Bice:

"While deposing witnesses and gathering evidence, Rivkin said Thursday that his team of attorneys will be looking at whether the prosecutors involved in the five-county investigation engaged in any partisan activity or consulted with political figures."

Rivkin is of course posturing for Scott Walker.

The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has not even ruled as of this moment on Randa's ridiculous certification of the bipartisan district attorneys' appellate arguments as "frivolous."

Rivkin is blowing smoke, but he should be careful what he pretends to wish for.

If the presiding judge views releasing the John Doe documents in the public interest, consonant with the rights of those questioned he may make public the John Doe findings and documents.

Does Scott Walker really want this public?

The Journal-Sentinel headline reads attorney Rivkin wants the John Doe documents under a microscope. Hell, why not on the big screen, if there is nothing to hide?

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  1. They can get it in discovery....after they're formally charged.

    C'mon prosecutors! Grow a pair and call these crooks' bluff.