Apr 7, 2014

Wisconsin Republicans Refuse Expulsion Proceedings Against Sexual Predator

Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha)
Facing criminal charges for
sexual assault, the Wisconsin
GOP has his back, as Kramer
draws his tax payer-financed
salary and benefits.
Update II: Kramer's attorney, James Gatzke, accuses Waukesha County and City of Muskego officials of improperly releasing police report (Bice. MJS). See police report of Kramer's charges. Take-away, GOP is concerned about high-profile illustration of GOP Misogyny. Yet, GOP still has not begun expulsion proceedings.

Update: See A dejecting pattern of behavior in Wisconsin. (Benen. TRMS).

"The Wisconsin State Assembly Stands Adjourned."

So reads the Assembly's webpage for the 2013-14 legislative session.

Meanwhile, Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), serial sexual predator and criminal defendant, faces two charges of sexual assault while he continues to draw his tax payer-financed salary, health care and pension benefits.

While we have heard no Republican cries of 'legitimate' sexual assault, a la former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri), Wisconsin Republicans refuse to commence or even announce their intention of beginning expulsion proceedings of the sexual criminal in their Party caucus, a lifelong Waukesha, Wisconsin resident.

Maybe Kramer's constituents may deliver to Kramer the message to resign in the face of the GOP's refusal to expel him from the legislature. Maybe Kramer doesn't give a damn what his constituents want, much less his sexual assault victims.

Legislators and staff reached this morning have no idea how the Republican Party is going to proceed on this matter.

Wisconsin State Sen. Frank Raguse

The last time a Wisconsin legislator was expelled was 1917 when Sen. Frank Raguse (8th Senate District), a member of the Socialist Party, was expelled by the adoption of Senate Resolution 19, by a vote of 30-3, the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau reports in response to a query this morning.

Raguse was railroaded out of the Wisconsin Legislature for making comments regarding America's entry into World War I and his public statements on "patriotism," as war makers and propagandists ginned up war for the sake of business.

Said Raguse in his defense: "What I intend to convey was that a certain kind of patriotism which is not of the genuine kind is at times foisted upon the people by certain interests who desire war, and who employ any pretext in stirring up the public, such as the destruction of lives and (property), whether intentional or unintentional."

Raguse was a hero against militarism and war mongering, and he was expelled.

Serial Sexual Assault Predator Bill Kramer

Today, a we have sexual predator serving in the Wisconsin legislature and Republicans are protecting the slime.

Serial sexual assault predator Bill Kramer is also known for his heavy-handed and authoritarian presiding over the Wisconsin State Assembly as speaker pro tem during the 2011-12 legislative session when he would often clear the entire Assembly visitors gallery, if one visitor had a button or piece of paper attached to his person.

When Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) presided as speaker pro tem, his manner and action was not bullying, and was cordial and collegial, a legislative aide said this morning, speaking on background.

"August takes over the [Speaker Pro Tem] position from former Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), who was just elected Majority Leader of the Assembly," the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans webpage reads from September 2013.

Reached this morning by phone, Kramer's office answered the phone, "97th Assembly District."

Asked what Representative's Kramer's intentions are regarding resigning or facing possible expulsion if the Republicans change their mind on the matter, the unidentified person answering the phone said curtly I would have to consult Kramer's lawyer.

Another writer contacting Kramer's office reports Kramer's staff is reporting to the State Assembly Clerk's office, and Kramer remains in "treatment" at an undisclosed location.

No source contacted knows who Kramer's attorney is.

From Kramer's campaign website announcing his intention to seek reelection for 2012: "Difficult choices continue to lay ahead for state government, and I will remain committed to protecting our communities' taxpayers, families, and small businesses."

I don't believe Kramer.

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