Mar 20, 2014

Wisconsin Assembly Republicans Torpedoing Chemo Bill

Update II: Did cancer, outraged people and journalism make the GOP act in people's interest over special interest? It's possible. Quorum Call reports, "The Assembly's oral chemotherapy bill has passed, on a 75-18 vote, with a voting pair. It will now head back to the Senate for concurrence before it can head to the governor's desk." Jason Stein at MJS, writes, "One day after Gov. Scott Walker called on the state Assembly to pass as written a bipartisan bill to help cancer patients afford chemotherapy pills, Republicans early Friday scaled back the measure to cap co-payments for the drugs at $100 per month."

The Assembly adopted changes to the measure late Thursday on mostly party lines and then passed the bill around 1:30 a.m. Friday by a bipartisan 75-18 vote."
Update: Assembly GOP to pass scaled-back chemotherapy bill

Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (Rochester) could take 45 seconds to talk and the Assembly could vote on Senate Bill 300 that has bi-partisan majority support.

Cancer victims would then be guaranteed that health insurance plans include chemo pills for cancer victims.

Instead, Quorum Call reports, Republicans are tacking on amendments, composing a slightly different bill than Senate Bill 300 (passed 30-2 earlier this week) and Assembly Bill 392, to thwart passage this year.

Scott Walker has actually joked about the Chemo Pill bill, and the Republican legislators are playing games with the bill.

Yeah, cancer sure is funny, and so are people's lives.

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