Mar 18, 2014

Scott Walker Jokes about Chemo Bill: "I don't know enough about it"

Updated - Incredibly, Scott Walker is joking about a bill that would help cancer patients afford chemotherapy pills, blocked by his Republican colleagues in the Wisconsin State Senate and State Assembly.

"Gov. Scott Walker won't say if he supports the bill, but he told reporters during stops Monday in Milwaukee and Janesville that he would not be surprised to see the Legislature vote on the bill this week," report Marley, Stein and Schultze in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this morning.

"I don't know enough about it," Walker said.

Walker used similar language about AB 19, a bill injuring those already suffering from "asbestos exposure -- many of whom are veterans. Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, said many veterans affected by asbestos would simply like to have their day in court before they pass away," as noted by Quorum Call.

Walker said, "I haven't looked at the particulars of the bill, but as I understand it, it's really about keeping trial attorneys from double dipping," Walker said Monday. (Scott Bauer. AP)

Walker has pushed through anti-trial attorney bills before because trial attorneys are consumers' advocates against corporations and the insurance industry, and contribute heavily to the Democratic Party.

Rewarding his heavy contributors and using public policy in an attempt to disable his political opponents is the hallmark of Scott Walker.

Again, Walker makes light of cancer, this time Mesothelioma cancer.

As Gilda Radner once said of cancer before dying at age 42 of ovarian cancer, "Cancer is probably the most unfunny thing in the world ... ." (Kendall. May 21, 1989. LA Times)

Not even Gilda could make cancer funny.

Walker could move/or stop these bills with a quick cell phone call, though this would be betraying the health insurance industry that has given his campaign $ millions.

Walker's cracking that he doesn't know what his GOP colleagues put in Senate Bill 300 and Assembly Bill 392 is not funny. Ask cancer victims.

Mary Burke still won't engage on the issue to the dismay of a growing number of Wisconsin Democrats and families who have suffered from cancer.

GOP-leaning daily is taking Burke's part, demonstrating that Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are together "working to kill a proposal that would help cancer patients afford chemotherapy pills," though not explicitly stating this fact.

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