Mar 19, 2014

Scott Walker: I'll Sign Oral Chemo Bill, If Unchanged

Updated - Scott Walker is changing his position on signing on the popular bill requiring health insurance plans to provide the same coverage for chemo pills as chemo taken through IVs.

Walker says if the State Assembly does not change Senate Bill 300 and Assembly Bill 392. Walker will sign the bill.

Walker could guarantee such an outcome with a simple phone call to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), telling Vos to send him the bill unchanged.

No big secret, Republicans take orders.

So, Walker is still playing games, and so is Vos, who says a vote will happen on Thursday.

Walker was caught on the record cracking to reporters two days ago saying, "I don't know enough about it" to have a position on the popular bill; then he changed his mind yesterday, saying through a spokeswoman that he was 'inclined' to sign the bill.

Now, he'll sign an unchanged bill, passed by the state senate under heavy lobbying by cancer victims and their families, led by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's coverage of the issue and cancer victim advocates.

Make now mistake, if Robin Vos kills or changes this bill in the state assembly, it's because Vos is under orders from Walker.

Even though the vast majority of the health insurance company-allied GOP caucus has taken public positions for the bill, no Republican (except for former Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center)) voiced a word of dissent when Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald tried to kill the bill

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  1. Walker's probaly woirking big pharma v.s. the health insurance industry. Whomever offers mo money gets his vote.