Mar 17, 2014

Pressure Mounts on GOP to Allow Vote on Cancer Treatment Bill

Lede Monday Morning Editorial in Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Keeps Pressure on Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Walker

Update II: Mary Burke still won't engage, a GOP-leaning daily is taking her part, today demonstrating that Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are together "working to kill a proposal that would help cancer patients afford chemotherapy pills," though explicitly stating this fact.

Update - Woke up to a scathing editorial this morning in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau, Wisconsin) "taking extraordinary measures to block" Senate Bill 300, a measure requiring "oral chemotherapy drugs to be covered the same way as IV treatments."

Despite overwhelming support, Fitzgerald is blocking the measure from coming to a vote, with Scott Walker's approval.

A vote. Voting for stuff; it's what a democratic Republic is designed to do.

Who besides Fitzgerald, Scott Walker and the health insurance industry comes out in favor of blocking cancer treatment?

Walker could demand that SB 300 come to a vote, and all the Republicans would fall in line, just like they are now in not issuing a word of dissent from Fitzgerald's and the health insurance industry's decision to deny what is available in 29 other states, and all of Wisconsin's border states.

Mary Burke even issued a statement of dissent yesterday on this repulsive Republican effort, but nothing from Burke this morning.

I guess that communications thing on current events is over now. If Burke doesn't want to run for governor, she should stay in Manhattan.

For the rest of Wisconsin, virtually everyone knows someone who has died, is dying or is a survivor of cancer. Demanding treatment is the human thing to do.

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