Jun 1, 2013

Wisconsin Plunges to 49th in Job Index by Fed Reserve Bank Study

Attacking working families isn't working
Wisconsin is the second-worst state in the nation as rated in the six-month forecast made by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's leading index predicting economic growth in the 50 states for the next six months.

Forty-ninth of 50, nothing good to report from Wisconsin.

Maybe Scott Walker thinks taking an ax to public schools, polluting the environment, taking away community control, stopping voters from voting, attacking women, and attacking the working class; while spending a tremendous amount of time out of state will magically make this dismal report, preceded and followed by many more dismal jobs reports, just go away.

For more economic data on Scott Walker's jobs failure, see:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia produces leading indexes for each of the 50 states. The indexes are calculated monthly and are usually released a week after the release of the coincident indexes. The Bank issues a release each month describing the current and future economic situation of the 50 states ... .

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